A Proven System to Understand Your Customers and Increase Your Sales
"So our first month after Sales Crusher Blueprint, we doubled our sales from last October. As in grew 100%....DOUBLED! Thanks Janine Mix for the incredible program!"
Tianna D. - Cornerstone Design Co.
This simple and tested sales system has the ability to dramatically grow your retail business without the need for expensive marketing campaigns or online shopping portals.
When you join today you get:
+ Lifetime Access to Step-by-Step, Self-Paced Training System
+ Comprehensive Training Manual & Workbook
+ Bonus #1 - 20 Questions & Conversation Starter Cheat Sheet
+ Bonus #2 - Access to Members-Only Facebook Group (Office hours and Q&A's weekly!)
+ Bonus #3 - Fitting Room Training
+ Pay-in-Full Bonus - Email Marketing 101 Mini-Course
Jessica G. - Ava Grace Fashions
"Sales Crusher Blueprint has raised the confidence & skill of my sales associates in an instant. They get an understanding of why we are doing things the way we are and the fitting room bonus is GOLD for any clothing retailer. I'm having to give out tons of bonuses for hitting sales goals and I couldn't be happier about it!"
"I’ve done a lot of video trainings and I thought, ‘Not another online training program!’ But I got on there and Janine was so energetic and had such good information. It was the best video course I’ve ever gone through and I’m already seeing results implementing what I’ve learned!"
Mackenzie D. - Joy of Living
Ferne B. - Kebbie's Diaper Bag 
"I recently hired my first employee and she has been abysmal in the sales and comprehension department. Yesterday after a customer walked out without buying anything, I took her off the floor and had her watch Sales Crusher Blueprint. Today...complete 360! She's approaching customers in a friendlier manner and is much more confident overall. Thanks, Janine Mix, for popping up in my feed when I needed you the most. The program has made it much easier to train our current employee as well as future ones!"
What you will learn:
Building Your Solid Sales Foundation
This is the very first and most important part of this entire training. We know that nothing can be build without a strong foundation and becoming a expert in sales is no different. This foundation is built upon the knowledge of your product, your customer, and your personal capabilities. We dive into your company + culture and new ways to train on product. You will learn how to identify the 3 different types of customers and win them over. Lastly, you will learn why knowing yourself is just as important as the customer.
First Impressions & Building Their Trust
You'll learn how to find exactly what the customer needs by using or misusing 3 types of questions. Utilizing the right questions is a significant sales tool that can open up your customer and build your credibility. We'll also cover active listening so that your customer feels understood and heard, not pushed!
How to Break Through with the Right Questions
Learn how to create a welcoming impression in less than 7 seconds and how to “break the ice” with your customer. You will learn the #1 thing to avoid when a customer walks in and the most valuable step we MISS before we ever start talking to them.
Becoming the Expert Your Customers Need
This is where the sale takes a turn from establishing a relationship to creating a sale. Discover the delicate dance of finding your customer’s needs and presenting your products without being pushy. You’ll learn how to sell the benefit, speak their language, and appeal to their senses.
Getting Comfortable Closing the Sale
We’ll talk about ways to identify when your customer is finished and how to “close” the transaction. There are many key moments to up-sell before the sale ends. We’ll also discover different ways to drive & motivate your team to reach your sales goals! 
Creating Customer Loyalty and Raving Fans
You’ll learn how to make your customer your new BFF! Discover how to leverage this experience to create repeat business and the necessity of capturing customer information. This is a key opportunity to invite the customer to connect with you beyond this sale that many retailers miss.
Setting Goals and #CrushingThem
You'll recieve a completely done-for-you template for tracking your sales goal daily, weekly, monthly, and year after year. Learn how to set goals with intention and that motivate you and your staff every day. You can't know what kind of sales you can reach if you don't know how to measure where you are and where you want to be! This template will take you every step of the way, year after year!
"Having never worked in sales or retail, I felt a little like a deer in headlights having to sell clothes. The retail training that Janine tutored me through proved to be more than I expected and hoped for! I was taught the steps on how to approach a customer as they walk in the door through to completing the sale and creating a client. I felt more than prepared to hop on the sales floor after going through this training."
Maisie H. - Restore Design & Build
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This simple and tested sales system has the ability to dramatically grow your business without the need for expensive marketing campaigns or online shopping portals.
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