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"If you aren't actively reviewing and setting sales goals, you aren't in control of your sales. With this one simple tool, I've seen businesses make an additional 6-figures per year. " - Janine Mix
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"The sales goal sheet has significantly changed my business. In August, our sales were down the lowest they had been and since implementing the goal sheet, every month we’ve been exceeding our goals. I can’t explain it except the only difference was that little sales goal sheet. I can’t believe this one small thing could make that much of a change and can’t believe I haven’t been implementing this all this time. I emailed every retailer that I’ve mentored just to get this sheet. One of those retailers got it and has already seen changes in sales in just 2 weeks. Just trust me, it’ll change your business." 
- Chrysy H.
Olathe, KS
What makes this tool extremely valuable
You can stop hoping and start driving
Running a retail business is much more than just helping everyone who comes through the door and hoping they buy something. It’s driving your business through strategic growth principles and planning. And at the heart of your plan are your numbers. Tracking your sales goals helps you determine the health of your business as a whole. You’ll know if your business is profitable, where your sales are coming from, and what your business needs to move forward. After all, you don’t know what your full potential is if you don’t track your sales.
Strengthen your Bottom Line by Recognizing Patterns
Tracking your sales helps you recognize patterns, which can have a MASSIVE impact on your bottom line! You’ll identify your best and worst sellers and automatically know how to adjust your buying and inventory accordingly. You’ll know your slow and busy times and be able to adjust your hours of operation or staffing needs. You’ll understand how to capitalize on your busy season and know if/when you might need to hire some seasonal employees. Adapting your operations based on these patterns can literally mean the difference between success or failure in your business.
Create Opportunities and Motivation for your Staff
If you have employees, let’s be real…whether you make sales or not, they are still going home with a paycheck. So if you don’t invite them to be a part of your business or give them any incentive to drive sales, why should they? Tracking your sales goals helps you identify ways to motivate and reward your staff by providing opportunities for them to earn more money, collaborate as a team, participate in friendly competitions, or just celebrate achievements. Sales goals help set intentions for your business and give everyone on your team a sense of purpose, motivation, and community.
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